Our Planning Journey

Discovery Meeting

This is step one, and we love step one because we have the opportunity to learn all about you! We want to gain an intimate understanding of your current situation, your hopes, concerns and challenges, and your financial goals.

Investment Policy Meeting

After we have had time to review, digest and process everything we covered in the discovery meeting, we will gather again to confirm our findings and discuss them within the context of investment and planning. We will also address any concerns and outline a roadmap to successfully attain your goals.

Engagement Meeting

Once we have reached the engagement stage of the process, you will have had time to carefully consider our proposals and everything we have discussed. If there is a fit, and we see a mutual benefit, we establish a partnership, sign documents, transfer assets and get to work!

Wellness Check-Ups

We’re here when you need us. To make sure we are both on track, we meet regularly to assess our progress and discuss any adjustments. Any well-executed plan should follow a path. Through regularly scheduled meetings, we address any changes and adjust course as necessary.  

Our Investment Philosophy
What is the best way to ensure you have an investment management program you can trust? Simple—we build it for you! At Clear Prosperity, we don’t use other manager’s models. We also take care to position assets with tax considerations like long-term gains and income in mind. This allows us to mitigate gain and income liabilities that other financial professionals ignore. We have developed our own strategies informed by our unique world view, and we are not afraid to take a position and stand by it. We gladly put our reputation on the line because we believe in what we’re doing. We choose the right tools and the best way to use them to create an investment management approach that makes sense for you, and we take responsibility for the results. That is the CLEAR approach.